December 14, 2014

Pecan and Oat Sandwich Cookies (Bitten Word Cover-to-Cover 2014 Project)
Posted by betsyjo

Two Christmas songs keep running through my head today. One I heard at a restaurant last night: God Bless Us Everyone by Celine Dion.  The other is “I can’t believe it’s Christmas, I think I’m finally getting something! I can’t believe it’s Christmas, my favorite time of year,” sung by the incomparable Larry the Cucumber.  Despite temperatures in the mid-70s today, it’s clear the Christmas spirit has found me.

I can’t say these cookies scream Christmas, although they are pretty good.  I’ve never had molasses in oatmeal cookies, but it is a welcome addition, one I may apply to regular ole oatmeal cookies.  (Hold the raisins, please!)  I found the cookies to be pretty large, but if they had been any smaller they would have burned in the 10-minute cooking time.  Mine were completely done in 9 minutes.  I would also recommend chilling the cookie dough between batches.  The later batches spread all over the pan.  My caramel sauce also turned out grainy, which I’ll chalk up to user error, although it’s a problem I don’t usually have when making caramel.


The flavor is pretty darn good.  I’ll give this recipe (found here) 7 out of 10 stars, and that’s being a little generous.  Sorry, Martha.  Don’t feel too bad.  I also made a ribeye steak tonight according to your method, and it gets 11 out of 10 stars.

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